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MPA was founded in 1988 by Marc Margulies, who previously served as Fidelity Investments’ manager of real estate design and field office construction projects. Originally known as Margulies & Associates, the Boston, Massachusetts firm changed its name to Margulies Perruzzi Architects in September 2008 to recognize Dan Perruzzi’s 14 years of leadership with the firm. In 2015, the firm elevated a new Partner and seven Associate Partners to its management team.

As a consequence of our extremely low turnover rate, our architects and interior designers have enjoyed working together for many years. Their individual experiences complement each other, and create strong team bonds that provide consistent and thoughtful service, as well as high-quality design for their clients.

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MPA’s Culture

We’re design professionals (and passionate about it!), but we’re also an MPA family. Our strong team bonds are based in the community we’ve fostered: one of creativity, support, and FUN! From our award-winning, team-created holiday videos (2015 link!) to our in-house Friday Snack, we have fostered a culture where we aren’t just colleagues, we’re teammates and friends.

We stress equality on all of our teams. While we have an internal hierarchy, EVERYONE is equally valued: from the designer fresh out of school with great new ideas, to our deeply experienced project managers and principals, to our talented support staff. We find that this principle benefits our projects just as much as it does our staff; in fact, we’ve found that keeping lines of communication open (internally and externally) is just as (if not more) important than the design to create a successful project.

MPA is diverse, both in our team composition and in our roles and what we bring to the team. From the people that have been with us for 20 years to our newcomers, our teams are made up of great people of all backgrounds and walks of life. Being able to draw from many different perspectives and experiences helps us greatly; together, we create a cohesive group of individuals with everyone pitching in for the common goal of creating a successful project (and we are very proud of that!).

We foster a creative, boundary-pushing spirit in our design ambitions. We’re constantly expanding our research in the workplace design and strategies of this ever-changing marketplace; we are committed to being on the cutting edge and bringing that benefit to our clients. We bring this experience to the table for our projects and work hand-in-hand with the entire team to educate, inspire, and push the limits of great design.

Throughout our existence, MPA has striven to remain mindful of and committed to our responsibility to the larger community. Fundraising and making time for those less fortunate also helps us collaborate as teams outside of work. We have worked closely with some of Boston’s most focused non-profit organizations; more information is available on our Community Involvement page.