Artwork that Commemorates 25 Years in Business

By Camila Matho. Earlier this year, we decided there was something missing in our main conference room. Sure, the room is filled with technology to make our meetings more efficient. And we have a killer view of the Fort Point Channel and the work we did on the Boston Tea Party & Ships Museum. But we needed an extra pop. read more >

MPA’s Toys for Tots box: Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!

By Camila Matho. When we received the information to be part of U.S Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program this year, we were immediately excited. read more >

Interior Designer by Day … Fashion Model by Night

By Dianne Dunnell-Bois. In the spring of 2011, Katie Bertoli from Haworth approached MPA with a proposition: create a Haworth /  Environments at Work / Margulies Perruzzi Architects team to create an entry for the 2011 International Interior Design Association of New England Fashion Show. read more >

Christmas in Afghanistan

By Sara Rebeiro. I bet when you think of the holiday season, you think of days off from work spent between friends, family, parties and presents. Well, that is what immediately came to my mind when I used to think about the holidays. Today, I have a much different perspective of what the holiday season is really all about. read more >

CANstruction: Cans as a Catalyst for Change

By Jessica Dubois. Each year CANstruction holds design competitions around the country for architects, engineers, designers, contractors, students and the local community to create 3D sculptures using canned food. read more >

United Way: Building a Better Boston

By Marc Margulies. MPA has been a proud supporter of United Way for many years. Why?  Because we believe in helping our community evolve into a stronger, safer, happier, more fulfilling place for everyone. read more >

Why I Love the BSA

By Dan Perruzzi. I always encourage architects in my office to become active members of the Boston Society of Architects. Those who are active BSA members are generally better informed, better trained, more current, and in general just a whole lot smarter about their profession. Encouraging BSA membership is a strategy for developing talent in our office. read more >

Video: Fallon Clinic Medical Home

Check out this video we made about this space we designed for Fallon Clinic. read more >

Green Roofs: Babylon, Goats and Parties

By Christine Law Pestana. Since the inception of LEED in 1998 there has been a lot of “green” talk going on. One of the hot items that have taken off since then is “green roofs”.  But did you know that before the modern green roof some form of the green roof has been around for centuries? read more >

Kent Larson and the CityCar

Idea contributed by Dianne Dunnell. Kent Larson from MIT Media Lab was this years’ keynote speaker at the Annual IFMA Awards event held at the Renaissance Hotel on 5-26-11. His group are leading innovators involved in studying ways to change & better society. read more >