MPA’s Road to Victory!

By Nate “Coach” Turner, LEED AP ID+C. It wasn’t easy, but we finally did it … MPA is the 2013 Architectural League Softball CHAMPS!! Last year, we finished in dead last place in our Softball League. But we were determined to reverse that standing and get rid of the dreaded title of “last place”. read more >

Video: Fallon Clinic Medical Home

Check out this video we made about this space we designed for Fallon Clinic. read more >

Interior Design in Film

By Barbara Hicks. I’ll start off by saying that I’m not an interior designer, I wouldn’t even say I have an eye for good design. I’m always looking to improve the aesthetic of my own apartment, so when I’m watching movies, I keep an eye out for good ideas; read more >

Summer Favorites


  • Iced coffee or ice chai
  • Jameson and Gingerale, but that is my all the time drink. It’s delightful read more >

Working at MTV

By Carli Baum. In the summer of 2003, I was a Production intern at MTV’s Tr3s which is actually the Spanish Language channel. They were just getting started back then so not everything was a finely tuned machine. read more >

The Dawn of CADD

By Janet Morra, AIA, LEED AP. I went to graduate school in the early 1980’s (please don’t do the math) before there were personal computers in common use. In fact, if you wanted to type a paper you could either use a typewriter or you could reserve time on the University mainframe.  read more >

Green Roofs: Babylon, Goats and Parties

By Christine Law Pestana. Since the inception of LEED in 1998 there has been a lot of “green” talk going on. One of the hot items that have taken off since then is “green roofs”.  But did you know that before the modern green roof some form of the green roof has been around for centuries? read more >

A Life. A Company. A City.

By John Vining. So I’m listening to the radio and a song comes on that I liked, so I sing along in my best “American Idol” voice. As it ended the DJ says that the song came out in 1998. So I’m thinking that ’98 was not that long ago and the song is not that old. But wait a minute. read more >

“Who doesn’t love a bowl?”

By Marc Margulies. “My favorite hobby is turning wood bowls, using the lathe in my woodshop in New Hampshire.  It’s fun, creative, and in the end, who doesn’t love a bowl?” read more >

Jack Daniels and the Splendid Splinter, or how I became a lifelong Red Sox fan

By Joe Flynn. Every member of Red Sox nation has a story of how they became indoctrinated into the fanaticism of that beloved team.  Those collective stories become woven into the nostalgic fabric of baseball folklore in Boston. read more >