Kent Larson and the CityCar

Idea contributed by Dianne Dunnell. Kent Larson from MIT Media Lab was this years’ keynote speaker at the Annual IFMA Awards event held at the Renaissance Hotel on 5-26-11. His group are leading innovators involved in studying ways to change & better society. read more >

Nitty Gritty Details

We are a close-knit, highly creative team; we are family. We not only work together, we play together. read more >

Melissa Panasuik: The Face of MPA

By Melissa Panasuik. I often find myself asked, “So you’re an office manager…What exactly do you do?” To be honest, I’m always tempted to say – EVERYTHING! But the truth is, no two Office Managers perform the exact same role. read more >


Our new blog is focused mainly on the inspiration we all feel as architects and designers. So…What inspires you? Some of our staff share their own inspirations. read more >

Work vs. School

Part of MPA’s philosophy is to encourage the ongoing education and training of its employees. To that end, the firm is extremely supportive of its many Boston Architectural College (BAC) students. Going to school and working full time is quite a challenging feat. Vivienne and Saul discuss below the pros and cons, benefits and challenges. read more >

Holistic Approach

Marc Margulies, AIA, LEED AP wrote this article for Environmental Design + Construction and was published in 2009. It uses the 175-185 Wyman Street project for Hobbs Brook Management as a case study. read more >