Scoot Outta The Way!

Scoot Outta the Way!

Scoot Outta the Way!

By John Vining.

So, I’m sitting in traffic on Route 93 trying to get to work at MPA in Boston, and I’m losing my mind trying to figure out how to avoid this traffic nightmare. As I sit there fuming, I’m scheming to find a way to get into the city in a timely fashion and without breaking my bank account paying for gas, paying for parking or paying for public transportation.

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You see, I have always been an early riser and for years I would take the orange line into Boston or drive on occasion, often arriving to work by 7:30 or earlier. For all that time I was able to avoid the major traffic, and if I took the train there was plenty of parking spaces in the train parking lots. And when I got married, my wife Joanne and I would commute together via car in the HOV lane or take the orange line, still arriving early every day to avoid the mess.

But soon enough we had kids, and after a few years of daycare it came time for public school. Little did I know what I was in for when I told my wife “Sure, you can go to work early and I’ll take the kids to school.” The result? Yup, me sitting on route 93 with a million of my fellow commuters. By this time of day all the train parking lots are full, so I can’t get to the train. And there’s no sense in taking the Express Bus, which is not at all “express” because it’s sitting next to me on 93.

Then it hit me: I’ll buy a moped scooter. Boy am I wicked smaht! I saved my money and bought a Vespa. After dropping off the kids I go back to the house, jump on the scooter and zip in to work. I’m able to take all back roads, it’s a ton of fun to drive, and it only uses one gallon of gas per week (it gets something like 97 miles per gallon). And I can park it just about anywhere at no cost. Better yet, working at MPA I can zip over to job meetings anywhere in the city, in a heartbeat. It saves me time, which enables me to work more efficiently, and it’s saving the planet by burning significantly less fuel. Yup, my Vespa scooter saves the day, and I get to enjoy it 9 months out of the year. Okay, so I still have to deal with traffic in the winter, but it’s not so terrible in a warm car.