United Way: Building A Better Boston

United Way: Building a Better Boston

United Way: Building a Better Boston

By Marc Margulies.

MPA has been a proud supporter of United Way for many years. Why?  Because we believe in helping our community evolve into a stronger, safer, happier, more fulfilling place for everyone.

There are many Boston area organizations deserving our respect and assistance, and there is no shortage of need. United Way does a thorough review of any organization that it endorses to make sure the mission, management, and impact are up to United Way standards. For those organizations needing guidance or support to maintain the expected performance, United Way is a resource.

Equally importantly, everyone at United Way realizes that none of us can bring about important change to our community without working in partnership with each other, and United Way facilitates cooperation and dialogue between social services agencies who, together, achieve what they couldn’t separately.

United Way does a great job reminding us all that, regardless of the level of giving that we can afford, every dollar contributed toward community improvement makes Boston a better city. I’m proud that such a high percentage of the architects, designers, and staff at MPA have contributed to United Way for so many years.

I believe that we are actually making a difference. To find out more about how you can get involved with United Way of Massachusetts, click here.

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