Blue Cross Blue Shield: Hingham

Blue Cross Blue Shield: Hingham

Blue Cross Blue Shield: Hingham

Hingham, MA

The new facility for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (BCBSMA) is located on a 32-acre fully wooded site adjacent to Route 3 South. Access to and positioning of the building is directly related to nature contours of the site, both to minimize excavation/blasting of ledge and to provide natural surroundings. Zoning requirements limited building’s height to forty-five feet. To avoid a variance request, MPA located the main entrance on the second level, accessed by a footbridge. The lower level is nestled into the contours of the site, below grade. Maintenance and mechanical spaces are located on the back portion of the lower level while the front, useable areas are even with the lower grade level.

The building consists of 329,000 square feet on four floors. A major design objective of minimizing the visual impact of this building was achieved by using curving faces and steps in the façade. Varying materials of glass, brick, precast, and metal panel assist in reducing the perceived height and length of the building.

The lobby provides direct access to two wings of the building and the central cafeteria/multi-purpose room. A secondary entrance on the lower level allows provides means to subdivide the space if necessary in the future. In addition to over 250,000 square feet of useable office space, the building houses a large cafeteria and multi-purpose room, a conference/training center, a major data center, and a child care center.

A surface lot provides visitor parking while a five-level, 1,600-car parking structure is linked by an all-weather connection directly to the main lobby.

This development project was part of a long-term real estate strategy to vacate multiple aging facilities on the South Shore.

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