Millipore Corporation

Millipore Corporation

Millipore Corporation

MPA’s relationship with Millipore has lasted for close to a decade, including (but not limited to) the following projects:

Billerica, MA (pictured)

Originally designed by Margulies Perruzzi Architects for The Gutierrez Company, this 80,000 square foot office/laboratory building makes a strong architectural statement toward traffic along the Turnpike. The building was intended to be suitable for an office, manufacturing, or laboratory user.

That flexibility proved important to the Millipore Corporation, which decided to purchase the building upon its completion.


Bedford, MA (not pictured)

MPA has worked with Millipore in or on all of the Bedford campus’s buildings over the past decade, including renovations of multiple manufacturing lines. MPA also redesigned two buildings to convert an existing warehouse and manufacturing space into an H2 Pilot Plant and renovate labs and office space in the 65,000 s.f. building.

Their goal, and MPA’s challenge, was to redesign 20,000 sf of Millipore’s current facility into a research and quality control laboratory with systems that included wet labs, new water and waste systems, chemistry labs and product testing laboratories. Included in the lab design is a hazardous material supply, a waste storage bunker, and a cold room.


Jaffrey, NH (not pictured)

In Jaffrey, NH, MPA redesigned 17,000 s.f. of an existing warehouse to convert to a new clean room and office space. The project included all new MEPs, electrical, plumbing, and support space for equipment controls; 7,500 s.f. of second floor space located above the clean room, was designed for offices.


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