Siemens (formerly Bayer Healthcare)

Siemens (formerly Bayer Healthcare)

Siemens (formerly Bayer Healthcare)

MPA has worked with Siemens for over a decade on over 400,000 square feet of space, including the following projects:

Norwood, MA (pictured)

Moving Siemens into 100,000 square feet of technically complex laboratory and office space in less than one year was a daunting challenge. More daunting still were the enormous financial penalties Siemens would face if it failed to vacate its former space on time.

The design/build team of Margulies Perruzzi Architects and Columbia Construction recognized that a traditional design development process would simply take too long. Using laptop computers and projectors, the designers facilitated real-time exchanges with end users, executives and construction professionals to develop customized plans to accomplish Siemens’ program, budget and schedule requirements.

From project inception to move in, the facility was completed in eight months.

The project included 25,000 square feet of laboratory space, including support utilities (waste treatment, RODI, and new MEP systems) and a gas farm with manifold system.


Norwood South Building, Norwood, MA (not pictured)

MPA’s renovation of Norwood South involved updates to office, sales, and equipment testing training spaces, including testing laboratories.


Walpole, MA (not pictured)

Over the past decade-plus, MPA has renovated multiple manufacturing, production, and R&D lab spaces, including cold rooms and clean rooms, all performed within the existing occupied building. MPA carefully planned the design and construction so as to not interfere with the production lines, which remained in use throughout the renovations.


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