Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Cape Cod

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Cape Cod

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Cape Cod

Sandwich, MA

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital’s 6,000 s.f. addition in Cape Cod includes two new physician exam/treatment rooms and eight new outpatient therapy rooms, increasing their outpatient capacity to accommodate 24,000 more visits per year. A patient/family resource room was created, and a new, multi-purpose room on the first floor will be used for wellness and education programs and community-based support groups.

MPA redesigned the front entrance and expanded the lobby, registration, and waiting areas to improve workflow, enhance accessibility for patients with mobility impairments, and provide private spaces for registration. The reception area’s hospitality design includes a curved reception desk with two custom-height counters that allow patients to comfortably stand or sit in a wheelchair at registration.

The expansion and renovation of the hospital was a complex, multi-phase project that required careful coordination among the clinical staff, design team, and contractors. Phased over ten months, MPA worked closely with construction manager Columbia Construction Company to sequence construction work, permitting the hospital to maintain normal operations without impacting inpatient and outpatient care.

The team first completed the new entrance and reception “living room,” offering patients and families an exciting first impression and preview of improvements to come. With the completion of the new addition, programmatic elements were then moved to their new location, allowing the team to renovate as well as restore existing spaces to their original purpose.

Spaulding Cape Cod communicated frequently with patients and their families about what to expect with the renovation, an effort that resulted in a successfully received project.

Spaulding’s goal for the project was to enhance the patient experience through improvements to the inpatient and outpatient environments. MPA collaborated with Spaulding staff throughout the design process to incorporate workflow enhancements. The hospital’s Patient Family Advisory Council, as well as mobility impaired patients, provided suggestions for improving the comfort and accessibility of the spaces.

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