Marc Margulies gives an overview of workplace strategy as well as the themes of our video series.

Inspire Creativity

A workplace can directly support – or hinder – a creative workforce. Janet Morra and Tim Bailey explain how providing the right blend of collaborative spaces, supporting mobile work, and creating quiet space for focus can boost employee creativity and improved performance.

Attract and Retain Talent

Competition for top talent is fierce. Joe Flynn and Jenna Meyers explain how creating community, supporting social interaction, and promoting wellness can give you an edge in recruitment.

Enhance Mission Engagement

An engaged workforce is a more powerful workforce. Dianne Dunnell and Nate Turner explain how crafting an image and amplifying brand recognition will help you tell your story.


Marc Margulies looks to the future of workplace strategy, including space management, cultural reinforcement, evolution of location, and space cost evaluation.

Improve your Bottom Line with Workplace Strategy

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